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Journal of Slavic Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Slovo is a peer reviewed journal for Slavic languages and literatures, published annually by the Department of Modern Languages at Uppsala University, Sweden. The journal publishes articles, conference papers, reviews, and translations of literary works into Swedish, as well as a complete annual bibliography of publications by Slavists affiliated with Uppsala University.

Contributions are accepted from researchers in all fields of Slavic studies. It is Slovo’s policy to always have two invited authors: one Swedish, and one from the international scholarly community.

Slovo’s first issue was published in 1972. Since then, 49 issues have been published in paper format, the last one in 2003. The release of the 50th issue symbolizes a new step in the development of Slovo, transferring the journal’s traditional format to a new digital form on the Internet.

All articles published in Slovo are freely accessible online, without subscription charges or registration requirements.